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Chi Machine Comparision Chart

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What is a Chi Exercise Machine?

Chi Exercise Machines are passive aerobic exercisers created by doctors to stimulate the sympathetic and lymphatic systems within the body. They gently rock your body back and forth, creating an almost-hypnotic relaxation.


The BEST Chi Exercise Machine & Spa Features


Chi Super Deluxe Evergain CN-308DL Chi Vitalizer Evergain CN-308
Swing Master
Chi Swing Machine
Chi Super Deluxe Evergain CN-308DL
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Chi Vitalizer CY 106
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Chi Standard Evergain CN-308
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Swing Master
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Chi Swing
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110 110 110 110


Wattage 2-75 watts 40 watts 2-75 watts 25 watts 25 watts

Lateral Movement (one full swing)

1.25" 1.75" 1.25" 1.25" 1.5"
Timer 0-30 min. digital remote 15 min. remote control; internal timer 0-15 min. remote control dial 15 min. internal 0-15 min. remote control dial


14 lbs 15 lbs 11.5 lbs 9 lbs 9 lbs
Rotations (RPM) 78-156 112-174 118-165 119-147 147
Speed Variable Remote Control Variable Remote Control Variable Remote Control Variable Remote Control Single
Ankle Rest Padded Padded Padded Vinyl Plastic
Verticle Height of Ankle Rest 8" 8" 8" 8" 8"
Super Deluxe
Chi Spa
Best Pure Play
Chi Exercise Machine

Standard Chi Spa

Great Value

Most Affordable

Premium Features Bio-Magnetic Therapy w/6 Magnets - - - -
  6 Infrared
Heat Sources
- - - -
  Reflex Massage Panel
12" x 8"
w/ 1/2" nodules
- - - -
Neck Massage Cradle
Foot Therapy
- - - -

Units available

Yes No No Yes No
Cord Length
6 feet
9.5 feet
6 feet
6 feet
6 feet
Handle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$269.95 $199.95 $224.95 $144.95 >$99
Standard Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Return Policy 90-Day Triple-Protection Guarantee 90-Day Triple-Protection Guarantee 90-Day Triple-Protection Guarantee 90-Day Triple-Protection Guarantee 90-Day Triple-Protection Guarantee


"I am really VERY EXCITED about adding this top of the line unit. It really is a Super Deluxe Chi Exercise Machine. And, the only one in its class that I have tested and approved for sale our web sites. The quality construction, very quiet motor and overall performance is truely remarkable.

It's the best therapuetic massager for the neck, shoulders, legs, feet and body".

"It is well built and ideal for heavy use at the home or office. This Chi Health Device is turly one that will provide health benefits for years of regular use!"

This is the newest addition from Evergain which combines the control features of their deluxe models with an affordable new housing.

“I have been a proponent of lymphatic massage for a decade now. The problem has been having a way for my patients to access this type of massage. Now, I just have them get on the Swing Master here at the office, or they purchase one for themselves. I have seen dramatic results, from reduction in cancerous tumors to alleviation of back pain to healthier feet and hands in my diabetic patients. Thank you for making this unit available in America.”

"This is a nice unit for a small person. It is the best priced single speed Chi Exercise Machine available that has passed our companies internal testing! Ideal for light use by a young adult or smaller senior who wants to test out the benefits of low-stress aerobic exercise".
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